The Era of Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu is an exclusive US rehab facility that combines holistic modalities and all-natural Western therapies to get to the underlying causes of addiction for permanent removal. This revolutionary facility began in 2001 after Chris Prentiss helped his son, Pax, successfully rid himself of numerous addictions without the help of traditional treatment programs.

When Chris first learned of his son’s addiction to alcohol, heroin and cocaine, he did what any responsible parent would do and immediately signed his son up for the most expensive drug rehabilitation treatments on the market. Pax cooperated fully and maintained a hopeful attitude the entire time, but no matter where he went, he still relapsed after a short while.

Soon they realized the problem was not Pax, but rather the harmful and sometimes even condescending viewpoints towards drug and alcohol addiction that the staff upheld. Pax was seen as an individual for the most part, but rather as an “addict” with a “disease”. This reinforced his feelings of guilt and shame and made him relapse out of hopelessness.

Where conventional 12-step programs failed him, holistic modalities succeeded. Chris pulled his son out of treatment and together they began to work on a program that was specially designed for Pax, one that regarded him with compassion and did not dehumanize him with negative stereotypes. Little did they know that Passages Malibu would soon rise from these early experiments.

With his father’s guidance, Pax was able to identify and subsequently remove the underlying causes of his addiction in ways that 12-step programs could not even begin to approach. The one-on-one holistic therapy Pax received, in combination with traditional Western practices, allowed him to mend the damage caused by all three substances and eventually become the family man that he is today.

Pax was out of any immediate danger and reintegrating with society on a positive, meaningful level. He and Chris had learned a lot about drug and alcohol addiction, and the two agreed to better the community by establishing Passages Malibu in 2001 – after one full year of newfound sobriety on Pax’s behalf.

Passages Malibu has since gone on to help thousands of people from all over the world overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol. After such a difficult and worrying battle, Pax and his father now take solace in the fact that their suffering has at the very least led to the betterment of countless others. As Passages continues to grow, so does Pax’s confidence in himself and the life-saving abilities his father.

Are You Ready to Follow Pax?

The methods and modalities employed at Passages Malibu are very similar to those that helped Pax overcome his addiction to multiple life-threatening substances. Whether you have the support of a loving family like Pax or if you’re battling an addiction all on your own, Passages Malibu can develop a customized treatment program that is all-natural and can help you regain a life that you can truly embrace as you own. Please give us a call today.

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