Passages Malibu’s Revolutionary Philosophy

There are many different ways to heal an addiction, but Passages Malibu finds using compassion and understanding yields the best results. You can expect to be treated with respect at all times at Passages Malibu, from your initial intake to the final graduation and follow-up aftercare. You’ll quickly find that everyone is on your side at Passages Malibu, and they will help celebrate and reward your progress in ways that matter – and without negative judgements.

At the heart of our philosophy is the notion that your addiction is not a disease, but rather an extension of who you are. We believe that you can change into whoever you want to become. Since this is not a disease, our staff will not treat you like you are “sick”, and they will never look down on you with disparaging labels by calling you an “addict” or “alcoholic”: These terms will absolutely never be used on our luxury recovery campus.

Instead, our staff using all-natural modalities to guide you towards self-revelation and enhance your wellbeing. Your customized program centers around relaxation – not shame – and this in turn allows you to focus on healing without limits. We can’t wait to develop a customized blend of traditional and holistic therapies for you that utilize art, meditation, massage and more to revitalize you in mind, body and spirit.

The Four Causes of Addiction

We fully listen to all of our clients and thoroughly give them the opportunity to share with us what led them to addiction. We have helped thousands of clients recover since opening our doors in 2001, and we’ve narrowed down the reasons behind their addiction to four main causes. Even though everyone’s story is unique and different, the core causes are always the same.

All drug and alcohol addictions are caused by these underlying factors: